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2023 CMA - US Exam: Supercharge Your Career Success!

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Welcome to the world of CMA US certification, where endless possibilities await, and success knows no bounds. In the competitive realm of finance and accounting, this certification is your ticket to rise above the rest. 

Embrace a transformative journey that transcends borders, unlocking abundant career opportunities and personal growth. Join us as we uncover the life-altering impact of this prestigious certification and empower you to reach new heights. 

Let’s begin this incredible journey together.

Understanding the CMA USA certification 

Finance and accounting professionals seeking to advance their careers must comprehend the CMA USA certification. Below, we provide

  • An overview of the CMA USA certification.
  • Highlighting its benefits.
  • Job opportunities.
  • A comparison with other accounting certifications.

Overview of the CMA USA certification

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification program, offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), is a globally recognised credential for accountants and finance professionals. 

You gain essential skills and knowledge that distinguish you from non-certified peers by earning the CMA. CMA US or CMA USA is the abbreviated term for the Certified Management Accountant.

Benefits of obtaining the CMA USA certification

Benefits of CMA US certification:

  1. Enhanced career prospects.
  2. Global recognition.
  3. Higher earning potential.
  4. Advanced skills and knowledge.
  5. Competitive edge.
  6. Networking opportunities.
  7. Distinction from other accounting certifications.

Job Opportunities and Roles of CMAs in various industries

CMAs have diverse roles in finance, manufacturing, consulting, healthcare, technology, government, non-profit, education, retail, and energy industries.

  1. Finance: Financial analyst, manager, investment banker.
  2. Manufacturing: Cost accountant, supply chain manager.
  3. Consulting: Management consultant, financial consultant.
  4. Healthcare: Financial analyst, revenue manager.
  5. Technology: Systems analyst, IT auditor.
  6. Government: Budget analyst, internal auditor.
  7. Non-profit: Financial manager, grant accountant.
  8. Education: Professor, researcher.
  9. Retail: Financial analyst, merchandise planner.
  10. Energy: Accountant, risk analyst. 

Comparison with other accounting certifications

The table below compares CMA US certification with other accounting certifications based on focus area, designation, exam structure, and membership requirements.


Focus Area

Exam Structure

Membership Requirements



Two Parts

IMA membership


Public Accounting

Four Sections

State licensure


Global Accounting

Thirteen Papers

ACCA membership



Three Levels

Work Experience

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CMA USA exam structure and syllabus

Part 1 and Part 2 make up the CMA USA (Certified Management Accountant) test. Each section focuses on a separate set of management accounting-related knowledge and abilities. The syllabus and structure of the CMA USA test are described in detail below:

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

15% – External Financial Reporting Decisions

20% – Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

20% – Performance Management

15% – Cost Management

15% – Internal Controls

15% – Technology and Analytics

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

20% – Financial Statement Analysis

20% – Corporate Finance

25% – Decision Analysis

10% – Risk Management

10% – Investment Decisions

15% – Professional Ethics

Exam details

Testing Window

Exam Format

Exam Duration

Number of Questions

Essay Questions

January/ February, May/ June, September/ October


4 hours

100 MCQs

Two 30-minute essays

Note: You will not advance to the essay portion if you do not correctly answer at least 50% of the multiple-choice questions.

For the CMA USA certification to be successful, students must thoroughly review the entire syllabus and comprehend the exam format. It will position them for success in the challenging field of management accounting.

CMA USA exam eligibility

Candidates must meet certain criteria set by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) to become CMA USA. The eligibility requirements are:

  1. Education: Bachelor’s degree(in any field) from an accredited college or university.
  2. Membership: IMA membership can be obtained before or during the CMA program application process.
  3. Professional experience: 2 years in management accounting or financial management before or within seven years of passing the CMA USA exam.
  4. Exam: Pass Parts 1 & 2 of the CMA exam.


Candidates can register for and take the CMA exam before fulfilling the professional experience requirement. However, the CMA certification will only be awarded after meeting the experience requirement.

For more information, please refer to the IMA’s detailed eligibility requirements.


Exam registration process

The following procedures must be taken to register for the CMA US (Certified Management Accountant) exam:

  1. Verify your eligibility by ensuring you satisfy the IMA’s education, work experience, and membership requirements.
  2. Create an IMA account by paying the membership fee if you are not a member.
  3. Apply for the certification programme: Describe your professional background, educational background, and supporting documentation.
  4. Entrance fees for IMA members and non-members may differ.
  5. When your application is approved, You’ll get an email with authorisation instructions and your CMA programme ID.
  6. Plan the exam’s parts: The portions can be scheduled using your CMA programme ID.
  7. Pay the exam fees: IMA members and non-members may pay different amounts.
  8. Utilize the resources and study materials provided by the IMA to get ready for the test.
  9. Take the test: Follow the laws and regulations and arrive at the testing location on time.

Please visit the IMA’s website or contact the IMA directly for additional information.


Registration fee of CMA – US course

For Professional Members and Students, there are separate CMA USA course fees. The most recent CMA USA course fees are below:


Entrance Fee


Exam Fee

$460 for each part

Professional Members

Entrance Fee


Exam Fee

$345 for each part

It’s important to keep in mind that these fees are subject to change; thus it’s advised to check the official IMA website.

CMA US course registration date 

Registration for Certified Management Accountants CMA US is open annually. You can register for CMA US at any time at www.imanet.org.

Difference between CMA US vs CMA India

The difficulty of the US CMA and the Indian CMA depends on several factors, including your strengths and weaknesses, educational background, and work experience. However, in general, the US CMA is considered to be more difficult than the Indian CMA.



CMA India

Exam Structure

A two-part exam containing multiple-choice and essay questions.

Four levels covering various topics

Syllabus Focus

Global management accounting principles

Cost and management accounting specific to India

Coverage Depth

Broad coverage of management accounting topics

Covering of cost accounting and taxation in-depth

Study Approach

Emphasis on case studies and global best practises

Emphasis on the business environment and regulations in India

Resource Availability

Sufficient resources for studying and coaching

Sufficient resources for studying and coaching

Professional Recognition

Recognized globally, indicating proficiency in management accounting

Recognized in India, demonstrating expertise in cost and management accounting

Career Opportunities

Provides prospects in worldwide marketplaces and multinational corporations

Focused on career opportunities within India

Time and Cost Investment

Requires commitment and a large amount of time to prepare for exams

Requires a significant time commitment for studying and clearing the multiple stages

International RelevanceInternational Relevance

Valued and respected throughout many nations, facilitating global mobility

Primarily focused on the Indian business environment

Is US CMA more difficult than the Indian CMA?

The CMA US and the CMA India have unique challenges and requirements. It is subjective to compare the difficulty level between the two certifications as it can vary based on individual perspectives and experiences.

CMA USA exam preparation tips and strategies

Here are some tips and strategies for preparing for the CMA USA exam:

  • Creating a Study Plan: Create a systematic study plan that specifies the subjects to cover and establishes attainable learning objectives. Set aside time specifically for each subject.


  • Recommended Study Materials and Resources: Use CMA study guides, books, and online tools that follow the exam syllabus. Make sure you have access to thorough and current study materials.


  • Utilizing Practice Questions and Mock Exams: To become comfortable with the test format, enhance time management, evaluate your knowledge, practise with various CMA practice questions and take mock exams.


  • Joining CMA Exam Prep Courses or Coaching Programs: If you want to improve your exam preparation process, sign up for CMA exam prep courses or coaching programmes that offer organised direction, qualified training, and additional support.


  • Time Management and Consistency: Set time for regular study sessions, and always be prepared. Utilise your time wisely by balancing review, practice, and revision to cover all exam topics completely’. 


  • Stay Motivated and Seek Support: Throughout your preparation process, remain motivated. Join study groups or online forums to meet other applicants, get advice, and exchange materials. Remember to take breaks, lead a healthy lifestyle, and focus on your objective.


You may speed up your CMA USA exam preparation and improve your chances of success by implementing these suggestions and strategies.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA - USA) - Stride Edutech

Test-taking strategies for the CMA USA exam

Here are some test-taking strategies for the CMA USA exam:

Managing Time Effectively during the Exam: Depending on the importance of each component, allot the proper amount of time. Pace yourself and try not to spend too much time on any question. Make the most of the time provided to finish each section.


  • Approaching Multiple-Choice Questions: Carefully read the question, note essential words, and cross out inappropriate answers. To reduce options and arrive at an informed choice, use the process of elimination. Keep an eye on the time, make an educated guess if necessary, and then continue.


  • Tackling Essay Questions: Before writing:
  1. Outline the main elements of your response.
  2. Ensure your responses are concise, organised, and related to the question.
  3. When necessary, accompany your responses with examples or computations and use the appropriate vocabulary.


  • Dealing with Performance Metrics Questions: Learn about the various metrics and calculations used. Recognise the connections between various performance measurements and how they affect choice. Practice resolving challenges that pertain to performance to increase speed and accuracy.

Using these test-taking tips, you can manage your time efficiently, approach multiple-choice questions strategically, organise your essay responses, and confidently answer questions about performance indicators on the CMA USA exam. Remember to practise these techniques as you study for the exam to increase familiarity and boost your performance overall.


Maintaining CMA USA Certification

You may guarantee the ongoing growth and applicability of your CMA USA certification by meeting the CPE requirements, keeping up with industry trends and advances, and retaining membership with the IMA. 

  • CMA USA Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements: Meeting the CPE requirements of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is crucial for CMAs. It entails finishing a set amount of CPE hours per year, which can be attained by participating in conferences, webinars, seminars, and other essential professional development events.

  • Maintain your IMA membership: To maintain CMA USA accreditation, one must keep their IMA membership valid. It offers networking opportunities, access to useful resources, and updates on industry best practices. Use the IMA’s website, newsletters, and professional events to remain in touch.

  • Staying Updated with Industry Trends and Developments: It’s critical to keep up with market trends and advancements. Follow the development of innovative technology, accounting legislation, and commercial practices. Participate in pertinent webinars or workshops, read industry publications, and engage in ongoing learning.


These initiatives show your dedication to professional growth and raise your value as a management accountant in today’s fast-paced business world.



We have covered every facet of the CMA USA certification in this comprehensive study guide. We have produced a thorough resource for aspiring CMAs, covering everything from comprehending the CMA USA certification and its advantages to exploring the exam structure, eligibility requirements, and exam preparation advice. We emphasised the value of retaining the CMA USA certification through ongoing professional education, keeping up with market changes, and the significance of good test-taking tactics.

In conclusion, join Stride Edutech if you’re prepared to start a transformational journey towards a prosperous management accounting profession. Our knowledgeable instructors and thorough study resources will guide you through the CMA USA exam preparation process, giving you the tools to flourish and seize interesting prospects. Begin your journey with us immediately, and let’s work to achieve greatness as a team.


Always remember that success only comes to those who are committed, tenacious, and willing to go the extra mile. Accept the challenge, have confidence in your skills, and never stop learning. You may direct your destiny and leave a lasting impression on management accounting with the CMA USA certification. Dream big, put in much effort, and let your goals fly.



1.What are the CMA US exam’s structure and format?

The exam consists of two sections. One hundred multiple-choice questions and two essay questions comprise Part 1. 100 multiple-choice questions and two essay questions comprise Part 2. The exam has a four-hour time limit for each component.

2.Are there any resources or study materials available for exam preparation?

Yes, there are numerous tools and resources accessible for studying for exams. The IMA provides a complete selection of study tools, including books, drills, and practice tests. Many independent vendors also sell CMA review courses and study materials.

3.What are the crucial dates and deadlines for the CMA-US test in 2023?

The registration period is open all over the year. The exam is given three times yearly in January/February, May/June, and September/October.

4.Is the exam in person only, or is it also available online?

You can take the CMA – US exam online or offline at a Prometric testing centre.

5.What is the passing score for the CMA – US exam?

The passing score for the CMA – US exam is 500 on each part.

6.How can I keep my CMA – US certification active after passing the test?

You must obtain 40 continuing professional education (CPE) credits every three years to keep your CMA – US certification current. CPE credits can be obtained via several activities, including attending conferences, taking classes, and publishing publications.

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Certified Management Accountant (CMA - USA) - Stride Edutech

Certified Management Accountant (CMA - USA) - FAQ

IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) is one of the largest and most respected associations focused exclusively on advancing the management accounting profession. IMA offers its members exclusive access to the CMA program. We are committed to helping you – and our network of more than 85,000 members – to expand your professional skills, better manage your organization, and enhance your career

To register for your CMA USA exam, all you need to do is follow these six simple steps:
Join the IMA.
Pay the entrance fee
Register and pay exam fee
Registration acknowledgement
Schedule your exam
Take the exam

No, you can take parts 1 and 2 in any request. You have the choice of taking both together around the same time, although numerous individuals decide to isolate their testing dates

An exam part may be taken only once in a testing window. You can sit for as many testing windows as you need in your three-year period

Accounting background would be helpful but not required

CMA US exam results are sent via e-mail from Prometric to all candidates who take an exam part. The performance reports are mailed approximately 14 days after exam results are posted to the candidate’s profile.
Candidates who do not pass the exam will receive a report that indicates their performance on each of the key topic areas in the multiple-choice section as well as their overall performance on the essay section of the exam

CA courses can be done either through Foundation Entry Route or Direct Entry Route.

You will lose any previous passed scores and will need to register for the exam again.

Yes. If you are unable to keep a scheduled exam appointment at Prometric, you must cancel at least 72 hours prior to your appointment date.

The minimum passing score is 360 for both parts of the exam. The exam score range is 0-500

To guarantee your favoured decision of date, time and area, it's better timetable your arrangement in any event fourteen days ahead of time of the testing window you intend to sit for

Yes. The CMA certification complements other credentials or degrees and tests for analytical and critical-thinking skills not covered in other exams. About one in three active CMAs in the U.S. are also CPAs

Following three types of fees are required to be paid to IMA .
Certification and Membership Fee: $475 (Payable annually)
CMA Entrance Fee (nonrefundable) – $250 (One time payable at the time of registration with IMA
Exam Fee: $415 per exam (Payable before registering for exam)

On the IMA website, click “My Profile” and then “My Certifications.”

There are two parts
Part 1 - Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics
Part 2 - Strategic Financial Management

You can use any study material which is related to CMA US but IMA official study material partner is Wiley

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