Introduction to CMA (US) – Course, Fees, Syllabus & Duration

What is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA)?

A Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional credential awarded to those who have met the education and experience requirements set by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). The CMA designation is recognized worldwide as a symbol of excellence in management accounting and financial management.

To become a CMA, candidates must first pass a rigorous two-part exam. Once they have passed the exam, they must meet the experience requirements set by the IMA. Candidates who complete all requirements are then awarded the CMA designation.


The CMA credential is valid for life and does not need to be renewed. CMAs must adhere to a professional code of ethics and maintain competency through continuing education.


What is the Role of a Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA)?


Holders of the CMA USA designation must uphold the highest ethical standards and are committed to lifelong learning. They are trusted advisors who provide strategic financial insights that help organizations make informed decisions and drive business success. CMAs are experts in financial planning, analysis, and decision-making and use their skills to help organizations achieve their financial goals.


How many Levels are there in Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) Course?

There are no levels in CMA US. CMA – US only has 2 parts. Part – 1 and Part – 2. Each part covers various subject areas, such as Financial planning, management, performance and analytics.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Study Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) Course?

These are the three eligibility to get the Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) Course certification.

Candidates who wish to attend the CMA – US exams should hold active membership in the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants). Multiple membership options are available for students, academics and professionals. 

The candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university or a related professional certification. 

Individuals who do not have bachelor’s degrees but have professional certifications from other bodies. E.g., ACCA-qualified individuals are qualified to write CMA – US exams.


What are the Subjects and their Syllabus in Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) Course?

The CMA USA Certification comprises a single examination level divided into two parts. Candidates can attempt any part in any order at their convenience.

CMA – US Part 1

CMA – US Part 2

15% – External Financial Reporting Decisions

20% – Financial Statement Analysis

20% – Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

20% – Corporate Finance

20% – Performance Management

25% – Decision Analysis

15% – Cost Management

10% – Risk Management

15% – Internal Controls

10% – Investment Decisions

15% – Technology and Analytics

15% – Professional Ethics

What is the Exam Pattern for Certified Management Accountants?

The examination is divided into two sections and offered in online mode. It is 4 hours in total, with 3 hours for the multiple-choice questions (100 MCQs) and 1 hour for the essay questions (2 scenario-based questions).


You will not move on to the essay section if you do not get at least 50% of the multiple-choice questions correct. The examination is offered at Prometric Testing Centers. The marks are rounded to 500, and every student must take 360 of 500 in each part.


When are the Exams Conducted for Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) Course? 

The CMA US Certification exams are offered three times per year in the following months 

1st exam window: 1st January – 28th February

2nd exam window: 1st May – 30th June

3rd exam window: 1st September – 31st October

What are the Registration Fees for Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) Course?

Net fees for Student Members are INR 76812.00 

Net fees for academic members are INR 84937.00

Net fees for Professional Members are INR 118583.00





IMA Membership




CMA Entrance Fee




Exam Fee Part 1




Exam Fee Part 2








Exchange rate used: US $1 = INR 82.06

Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) Course Registration Date?

Registration for Certified Management Accountants CMA US is open all over the year. You can register for CMA US at any time at

What is the Salary of a Certified CMA – US?

CMAs are in high demand by employers due to their advanced skillset and financial planning, analysis, and decision-making knowledge.

In addition to being in high demand by employers, CMAs also earn a higher salary than their non-credentialed counterparts. On average, CMAs earn 20% more than non-credentialed accountants. The CMA credential is globally recognized and highly sought-after by employers.


Salary of a certified CMA – US member ranges up to 415,054 AED per year, i.e. 90+ lakhs INR, according to a recent survey by salaryexpert.

Salary of CMA - US and CMA INDIA in Foreign Countries - Stride Edutech

Why is CMA (US) Better than CMA – INDIA?

There are a lot of differences between CMA (US) and CMA India. CMA (US) is considered the best credential than CMA India if you are interested in cost management accountancy. 


1. CMA (US) can be completed within 6 to 9 months. Whereas CAM India will take years to complete.

2. CMA (US) has no levels; it only has 2 parts. On the other hand, CMA India has 3 levels – Foundation, Intermediate and final. 

3. CMA (US) has recognition in almost all countries worldwide. But only some countries other than India approve of CMA India. 

CMA US is the best credential worldwide for those who want to achieve in the field of management accountancy. The CMA US designation is recognized and valued by organizations around the world. If you wish to pursue a career in management accountancy, don’t hesitate to contact us




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